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ESL/Accent Reduction


I am a native American-English speaker and a certified teacher of English as a Second Language.

I can help you improve your pronunciation to sound more smooth when you speak, and can teach you
how words are really pronounced in American-English. This will help you improve the clarity of your
communication with American and international English speakers. I have specialized knowledge of
pronunciation that is rarely taught in English classrooms.

I can also help you with your spoken English grammar. Often people who learn English can read and
write well, but want to improve their ability to quickly and correctly create sentences when speaking.

My lessons for you in pronunciation will also help your listening comprehension. I will teach you speech
patterns that will help you better understand Americans when they speak during friendly conversations,
public presentations, TV shows, and movies.

I will also provide you with customized audio recordings of words and phrases that you can use to
practice between our lessons.